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💪 Story of Mozzam Shahid

From Daydreams to Digital Dreams

Back in 2018, I was just a 19-year-old guy named Mozzam Shahid, sitting in Model Town’s ground, sharing my aspirations with my buddy, Saleem. “Man, these regular jobs aren’t cutting it. I’ve got dreams bigger than this park and university fees waiting to be paid.” That evening, my digital journey began.

Diving into the Digital Deep End

I was hungry for knowledge. I scoured WhatsApp and Facebook groups, discovering platforms like DigiSkill, LinkedIn Learning, Udemy, and Google Digital Garage. My Fiverr journey began with patience; three months of waiting for that first order. But I was relentless. An internship in design taught me a crucial lesson: a brand’s heart lies in its design. And as a marketer, captivating graphics shape your audience’s perception.

Riding the Waves of E-commerce

The thrill of those first orders, especially from a kind soul in New Zealand, was electric. But then came Giri Parsad, opening the doors to the dynamic world of e-commerce. I was all in – from website development and marketing to SEO and design.

Climbing the Ladder of Success

Life threw its challenges. From being a Level 1 seller on Fiverr to facing setbacks, every step was a lesson. But then came Upwork, where I shone bright with a Top Rated badge and collaborated with 50+ clients. One such collaboration led me to a marketing agency. As a Paid Marketing Specialist, I played with big numbers, managing $300K to churn out over $3M in sales. The adrenaline rush of seeing fluctuating sales? Absolutely addictive.

Guided by the Greats

My mentor, Jamie, instilled in me the spirit of Muhammad Ali’s words: “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.” I’ve lived by that, constantly learning and pushing boundaries. Over four years, I’ve dabbled in everything digital – marketing, website development, paid ads, and social media management. Today, I stand tall, leading a team of five rockstars.

Our Digital Symphony

Together, we’ve crafted digital masterpieces: 50+ websites, 90+ ad campaigns, 50+ SEO projects, and 70+ social media endeavors. Our portfolio is a testament to our passion and dedication.

Let's Co-create the Future

Why share this journey with you? Because I believe in partnerships. I’d love to sit down, share a coffee, and discuss how we can skyrocket your business. After all, your growth is our masterpiece in the making. logo

Made with Love By Mozzam Shahid ❤️

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